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With a young quarterback taking snaps for the Cards, will the Jets be able to fool him with some nifty trickery?  Cimini thinks they might in ESPN New York.

Look for the Jets to give Lindley a multitude of pre-snap looks, changing fronts and disguising coverages. It didn't work against Tom Brady, but it should work against Lindley, a sixth-round pick from San Diego State. The pass rush won't always get to Lindley -- the Cards will counter with quick passes -- but the Jets can make it hard on him by giving him a lot to think about before the snap.
Maybe, we'll see.  I don't know what this Jets defense is capable of anymore and the lack of a legitimate pass rush for more than two seasons has become troubling.  Without Revis, the Jets are much more hesitant to send defensive backs on blitzes, but even so ... the Jets should have reliable pass rushers and they just haven't had them since John Abraham and Shaun Ellis was part of this team.  
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