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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – It could be “Go Time” soon for Jets cornerback Aaron Berry.

Signed by the Jets on Oct. 1 of this season, Berry came to the team with a reputation as a tough and tenacious cornerback who also had a nose for some occasional trouble. It was a string of arrests that led him to being banished from Detroit and allowed the Jets to scoop him up out of free agency.

His contributions have been limited so far but last week in Seattle he registered his first two tackles of the season. Now with the midweek news that Isaiah Trufant is out for the year with a knee injury, it could be time for Berry to step-up.

“Most definitely. Things happen in this game, injuries happen,” Berry told The Jets Blog. “That’s why you practice hard so that you’ll be ready when it is game time or during the week even because you never know when your number is going to be called.”

He says that no conversations have been had with the coaching staff about an increased role now that Trufant is down for the rest of the season. In his eyes and from where he sits in the locker room, there is no need to know or change his approach for what could be an expanded role this Sunday at the Rams.

It is the same old, same old for Berry.

“For me it is the same every as week. You have to go into every game as if you’re the starter,” Berry said. “Prepare the same way, do the same things, have the same mentality.”

Strangely though he has played less than Trufant, it is Berry who might be a better fit in the Jets scheme. Given the physicality of his play, he is exactly the type of cornerback that the Jets aggressive defense calls for.

Watching Berry in practice, it is obvious that he loves getting physical on the line and jamming receivers immediately. Where certain cornerbacks on this team don’t like that kind of contact, the fiery and competitive Berry craves it.

“I feel that helps you out a lot, messing up the receivers, messing up their timing,” Berry said. “Everything in this league is about timing. If you can throw their timing off, you be a lot more effective in your coverage.”

Berry smiles a bit and looks down to play with some athletic tape in his hands. He looks up and he’s still smiling.

“A lot more effective.”

Kristian R. Dyer is a Jets beat reporter for Metro New York and contributes to The Jets Blog. Follow him at @KristianRDyerfor Jets breaking news and info from Florham Park.

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