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One of the prevailing notions about the Tim Tebow trade was that it was a publicity stunt by the Jets forced on the team by it's owner.  In a recent long-form article from the AP, Mike Tannenbaum talked at length about the pressure he feels in putting together a tough team and he addressed how and why the Jets traded for Tim Tebow.  Apparently, it began in the airport when Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan were on the way to Quinton Coples' Pro Day.

The two were sipping on Ben & Jerry's vanilla milkshakes and preparing to go to North Carolina's pro day - where they'd see their eventual first-round pick Quinton Coples - when the wheels starting spinning in Tannenbaum's mind. It was becoming apparent that Peyton Manning was going to Denver and Tebow would be available.

"I turned to Rex and said, 'What do you think?'" Tannenbaum recalled.

"I thought, 'Wow!'" Ryan said. "I was kind of shocked about it. I didn't know what it was going to take for us to get him, but I knew that with Mike, we would definitely find out."

The two spoke to owner Woody Johnson and new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, who ran the wildcat offense with Miami and knew Tebow from the Senior Bowl a few years earlier. Tebow to the Jets? Even though they still had Sanchez, and just signed him to an extension?

"We were the only four people on the planet who knew about it," Tannenbaum said. "We felt unanimously that this man could help us win football games. That's why we got him. When the price and the risk are reasonable, you have to be opportunistic in this business."

For all the recent attacks on Mike Tannenbaum, mostly because of the struggles we've seen so far from the offense and the bad play at the right tackle spot, Tannenbaum is an absolute master at identifying value and then assigning the right level of compensation/cost to go along with it at minimal impact to the Jets.  For as crazy as the situation seems, Tebow is just another example of how the Jets feel like they are going to derive serious value out of a position that is mostly a lost roster spot on many other teams around the league.

It's an absolute risk, but we understand why Tannenbaum would be willng to take it.

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