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While everyone expected Tony Sparano gone today, it looks like it's not yet happened according to Jane McManus of ESPN NY.

Sparano was back to work on Monday.

Mark Sanchez said he had met with his coordinator that morning, and Sparano is keeping up the routine.


Sparano also made it through the staff meeting at 1 p.m. even though team owner Woody Johnson was there in person. It seems the Jets may be waiting to make any additional moves until a new general manager can be installed.

At this point, I wonder what the Jets might do with Sparano.  Reports were that he was going to be fired and since it didn't happen today, then will the Jets wait until they find a new candidate for the coordinatorship or until they find a new GM altogether?

It's hard to imagine Sparano back as OC in 2013, but we'll see. I'll admit that I had a harebrained idea when I read this news about Sparano that maybe just maybe they have another plan.  If the Jets were going to demote anyone, might Sparano be the guy?  Let Sparano stick around as an assistant head coach or whatever and give him the running of the offensive line.  I'm sure it will be cheaper to fire Gugs than it would be to do the same for Sparano.

It might not be the best idea, but if Woody is concerned about saving money, it might make sense. Then again, it might be up to whatever terms are in his contract ... he might not be allowed to be demoted or stay on if he's not also the playcaller of the offense.

We'll just have to wait and see where things go from here.

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