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Over the last day or so, tea leaves have been read regarding the news that came out about the Jets working out former Jet quarterback Kevin O'Connell.  With the Jets tight on roster space as it is and three quarterbacks already on the roster, what does the work out mean?

The Jets have much more pressing needs at the other skill positions.  Joe McKnight and Bilal Powell are out for a little while, and their top receiver Santonio Holmes is out for the season.  Why work out a quarterback who has played for the Jets in the past and the team parted ways with already?

Whether for good or ill, we all know the Jets always have a reason for whatever they do.  Just ask Fred Thompson as the wily Naval commander in Hunt for the Red October.

Jets don't take a dump, son, without a plan.

With stories emerging about Tebow potentially being "frustrated" with his role in New York and the NFL trade deadline coming up soon, could the Jets be considering a move?  It's not like Tebow's presence has changed ticket sales much, and his passes are still highly questionable for a QB.

Our old pal Kristine Reese now writing for the conjectures that it's at the least, possible.

All conclusions are speculative at the moment, but the idea that the Jets would need an additional quarterback "in an emergency" is curious, especially when you consider that third-string quarterback Greg McElroy, who played more than capably in the preseason, is also sitting behind both Sanchez and Tebow on the sideline.

There is no way of knowing what the Jets' desire to have another quarterback on hand is about, but O'Connell's workout - the only workout the team conducted Tuesday, even with injuries to running backs Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight - is interesting, if nothing else.

It is interesting.  It's more interesting when I needlessly stir the pot by mentioning Kansas City.  As of today, they have a quarterback controversy and a wide receiver looking to hit the eject button.

Matt Cassel was cleared for practice and is Romeo Crennel setting himself up for the best worst quarterback controversy between Brady Quinn and Cassel?

Crennel made it clear Tuesday that Quinn and Cassel are now in head-to-head competition.

"What I told them is I'm rotating the quarterbacks. They will get equal reps," Crennel said. "Both of them will get work and then we'll evaluate it and then next week we'll get ready for game week and then we'll make a decision and go from there."

Cassel threw nine interceptions in the team's first five games and had to sit due to a concussion last week.  I'm sure some Chiefs fans weren't that saddened when that news came out.  Backup Brady Quinn played in his stead and threw two picks in a 38-10 loss to the Buccaneers.  Cassel of course was the Patriots backup to Brady and steered the ship in New England in 2008 and was the guy that Scott Pioli traded for in his defection to Kansas City.  Brady Quinn of course is the spawn of another former Belichick disciple Charlie Weis.  So with the Chiefs in such a mean state, why not add another bad quarterback from another branch in the Belichick coaching tree?

Tebow of course was hand picked by Josh McDaniels when McDaniels was head coach of Denver, and the AFC West rivals would have seen enough of Tebow in the past few years to be more familiar with his skillset than most.

Of course the Quinn-Cassel controversy has the team's troubled but extremely talented wide receiver wanting out, now.

Bowe of course begrudgingly signed his franchise tender this summer, but being on a 1-5 team in a contract year might be giving him more reasons to do his best to shoot his way out of town.  It's a tactic that rarely works in the NFL, but this might be the last chance for the Chiefs to get any compensation for Bowe should he be allowed to walk this coming offseason.

Of course, it could mean that he would walk from the Jets too as they might have enough trouble with the salary cap themselves this coming year.  The Brandon Marshall trade could be a good guide given the situation and the personal history of the player.

And that's where Tebow comes in.  The Chiefs might be open to what Tebow could offer their team and if the Jets were looking to step up their talent at receiver while minimizing the compensatory aspect of the trade, then Tim Tebow could help to cushion the fall for the Jets and save them some value for the 2013 Draft.

Of course from a pure cap numbers perspective this wouldn't be enough, the Jets would have to find cap relief from somewhere else.  According to our buddy Jason, the Jets have around $4.6 million on the books to spare and Tebow's salary is around $2.1.  That cap number alone is starting to get close to what it would cost to pay Bowe ... but it's no cigar.

I fully understand that this is totally far-fetched, but it's just these sorts of situations that teams see align themselves and then they consider going into a trade.  Both teams are looking for a positive outcome, and this could be one for both the Jets and the Chiefs.  The Jets are trying to remain relevant in the face of some very real injuries this season, while the Chiefs are mired in a bad quarterback situation with little to lose.

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