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Jane McManus chronicles Sparano's thoughts on Mark Sanchez and how he's responded this week to being benched last weekend to the lusty cheers of the home crowd.

Mark Sanchez and his return from the Jets bench has gone well this week, offensive coordinator Tony Sparano said, in part because the quarterback isn't pretending that it's business as usual.

"I wouldn't say (he's) the same guy, no," Sparano said. "He understands what happened. He understands the magnitude of what happened. All that said, does he approach practice differently? No. He's approached practice as a professional every single day he's been in this building."

I honestly have no idea what to make of that.  We all have heard about his work ethic.  We've all heard about his dedication.  The problem though as we'll all remember is that Brian Schottenheimer had an impressive work ethic and was extremely dedicated and it didn't mitigate how terrible he was.

Good, something's different. Good, Sanchez is not taking anything for granted. Rex Ryan has always stressed the importance of NOT turning the ball over on offense and he's got the second most turnovers in the last four years in the NFL (81) and he's JUST NOW getting the memo that he's not secure in his work?

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!!!!

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