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It's kind of a running gag in the New York media, but under Mike Tannenbaum he would always talk about how the cutdowns at the end of August was something of a "mini draft."  With that in mind, we wanted to hear about what players you hope might be available to the Jets during the late August "mini draft" period.

As for me?  I'm interested in a few guys.  I'm no huge fan, but it looks like Taylor Mays might be on the roster bubble.  While he seems to be washing out, the Jets look to need some help at safety and love a good reclamation project.  Rex Ryan has pined about the loss of Brad Smith, but what if Smith was available at cutdowns?  Could pairing him up with the Jets as a potential spread-option player be a help?  The Ravens have shown an interest in bringing back Vonta Leach, but they are waiting on their Harvard man first ... if Tommy Bohanon doesn't immediately impress, should the Jets wait to sign him?

Who are you eyeing from another team that you think might be available over the next month and could be a help to the Jets?

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