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With just a few weeks left until the start of training camp, we want to hear what you think about the team, top to bottom. Who are you expecting to take on a big role for the group? Who's the sleeper?  Who's set for a decline in production?  Who's unlikely to make the team?

And now the big one, the quarterbacks …

After the spring practices, everything seemed to indicate that Mark Sanchez has a better grasp of the offense at present, but will it stay that way?  Can Mark Sanchez fend off Geno Smith during a camp-long quarterback battle?  So far everything has been about Sanchez and Geno, but can McElroy or Simms break out?  Greg McElroy has the accuracy that a West Coast offense needs, but no West Coast can thrive without a player who can throw a deep ball with all the modern passing game rules.  Simms has the arm, but not the accuracy, McElroy has the accuracy, but hesitates to put the ball deep.

So, who comes out on top?

(Look at the most up to date Jets roster here.)

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