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While there is still plenty of football left to be played, the Jets' season has been painted in bleak light ever since the Miami game in which the Jets ironically won the contest but lost one of their best players which set off a chain of injuries that continue to mount with each passing day. And then there's Tebow (obligatory name reference so you know who I'm talking about). While everyone and their brother in the Jets' locker room has preached that his presence hasn't been a distraction, if you hadn't noticed, the media has managed to pretty much plaster him around the Internet and you can hardly read one article now without HE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED being mentioned every other sentence. If you don't understand the severity of the situation, you need to visit and their "HE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED Zone" (Thanks to Adam for the link).

Owner Woody Johnson, in an interview with CNBC, stated HE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED would play out the remainder of his contract but is that really a viable option at this juncture? Mark Sanchez can be effective with the right weapons but ultimately he's not the answer and HE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED, for all his heroics and mystique, has trouble hitting the broadside of a barn door half the time. All of this is to say, despite Johnson's statement, can we really expect HE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED back next season? Rich Cimini seems to think not given the emotional toll his mere presence has caused and because of the numbers--does Tannenbaum, who could very well be gone by season's end, really want to shell out $6 million for a "glorified Brad Smith"?

What do you think JetsNation? Is HE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED a goner? Or will we continue to be unmercilessly be bombarded by HE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMEDMania?


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