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The New York Post's Brian Costello posted an article on Jets pass rusher Jason Babin and the role he might play for the Jets and how moving from the Jaguars to the Jets could be a big upgrade for the veteran pass-rusher.

“I think the exciting part for me individually is how Rex and [defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman] utilize me within the scheme, one,” Babin said. “Two, I’m excited to see where it goes because this will be a situation where I get a lot more opportunities to rush the passer versus [what he had with] Jacksonville.”

Babin managed 7½ sacks last year, but said his production suffered as opponents took big leads on the 4-12 Jaguars and then ran the ball for most of the second half.

“When you’re losing by a couple of touchdowns every game … there were quite a few situations where the backup quarterback finished because it was a mercy situation,” Babin said.

The 34-year-old said it feels totally different with the Jets. He is excited about what he can do in the Jets’ defense.

“You could feel it from Day 1,” Babin said of the optimism around the team. “Just look at the defense. That’s why I came here — Rex Ryan and the defense. I’m going to enjoy myself these last few years.”

We really liked Antwan Barnes and what he could offer the defense, but it looks likely that Babin is an upgrade as a pass rusher for the Jets.  While we don't think Babin will have a role with the Jets base defense due to the way he plays and the value he can bring in stopping the run, his role will be one that shows up on the box score week in and out.

Babin will see significant time on third down or in down and distance situations.  Babin is a good pass rusher demonstrating explosiveness and power.  If Calvin Pace can glean 10 sacks in a season with the Sons of Anarchy, then we imagine that Babin can boost that level of production.  Consider also that the Jets will be able to bring both Coples and Babin as rushers, which means that someone is going to come free and push the passer of their spot, if not disrupt the play in the backfield early and often.

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