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If the Jets are in such discord, they're going to need some help in how to get out of their current bind.

Brian Costello had an idea in the Post about how the Jets might consider moving forward.

If Johnson decides to fire Tannenbaum, he should not just go halfway.

Whatever Johnson does, he has to get this right or the Jets could be staring at a long stretch of losing. He needs to recognize his limitations when it comes to evaluating football talent and bring in Parcells to help him.

I 100% agree with Costello in the idea that the Jets shouldn't do these half measures.  By now Woody Johnson has his own personal network of coaches and former GMs ... why would he go back to the same tired New York cliches?

Parcells is a good football mind and I respect the hell out of him, but I do think it bears asking if Parcells and Woody really that close?  Parcells was exiting the organization as Woody was buying it.  With personal ties inside the organization as it stands (Bradway and Tannenbaum), why would Woody use him instead of an independent thinker like Dan Reeves or someone else like that?

Of course, the one thing about going all-in.  There's one HUGE caution for doing so.  Strong candidates will want more organizational say and Woody thinks Rex is the right guy.  So if the Jets wind up with a new GM who doesn't get along with Rex -- then Woody will be back to square one again.  The new GM could want to leverage Rex out and that's an idea Woody won't stand for at the present moment in time.

Speaking of Parcells, it's his old shopping for the groceries and cooking analogy.  Right now the coach is (interally) saying the groceries suck, so the Jets need to hire a better shopper.  Then in two years, the shopper says the cook sucks  and is ruining his grocery shopping ...

Ad infinitum ...

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