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Throughout August, I've been compiling statistics that the NFL doesn't officially track during the preseason, as I did last year. While preseason statistics can be misleading because playing time varies, as does the strength of the opposition depending on which unit(s) you play on, they still provide an interesting insight into how productive or otherwise certain players were.

I have compiled the following statistics myself as accurately as possible, based on the footage I reviewed for each game's BGA:

- Pass Rush: Total Pressure

- Missed Tackles

- Tackles for Loss

- Offensive Line: Total Pressure Surrendered

- Batted Passes

- Punting: ANPP

These stats are presented after the jump, together with an explanation of the methodology used, together with details of the change since last year. Note that the names of players currently still on the roster are in bold.

Pass Rush: Total Pressure

2011: 70 (eight sacks, 21 hits, 41 pressures), led by Maybin 9 (3, 2, 4) and McIntyre 9 (2, 1, 6)


- Sacks are self explanatory.

- QB hits include when a QB was contacted (not necessarily knocked down) after releasing a pass, or as he released the ball. In a slight change from last year, this no longer includes missed tackles in the pocket.

- Pressures are recorded any time the pass rusher beats his lineman and either (a) causes the QB to step up to avoid him, (b) flushes him from the pocket or (c) gets within one step of him before he releases the ball.

The numbers:

Coples - 12 (5 sacks, 5 hits, 2 pressures)

Maybin - 8 (0, 1, 7)

Richardson - 7.5 (1.5, 2, 4)

McIntrye - 6.5 (0.5, 2, 4) - Note: also had a sack that didn't count due to an accepted penalty

Wilkerson - 5 (0, 2, 3)

Dixon - 4.5 (0.5, 2, 2)

Davis - 4 (0, 4, 0)

Ellis - 2.5 (0.5, 1, 1)

Scott - 2 (0, 2, 0)

DeVito, Bush - 2 (1 hit, 1 pressure each)

Allen, Thomas, Harrison - 2 pressures each

Mauga - 1 sack

Harris - 1 hit

Pace, Bellore, Tevaseu, Trufant, Dowtin - 1 pressure each

Total Pressure - 68 (9 sacks, 27 hits, 32 pressures)

Missed Tackles

2011: 41, led by McIntyre 5 and Mauga and Satele 4 each


- Missed tackles include any occasion where the tackle was broken or any time that there was an attempt at a tackle and the tackler missed completely, but the runner must escape the tackle completely – driving them for extra yards before being brought down does not count. Also, sometimes a missed tackle might still have been a positive play, by redirecting a runner who was stopped, but it would still have been counted here. Missed tackles on special teams do count.

The numbers:

Coples, Maybin, Allen - 4 each

Davis - 3

McIntyre, Bellore, Mauga, Lynn, Posey - 2 each

Ten players with 1 each

Total - 35 missed tackles.

Tackles for Losses

2011: 24, led by Dixon and Harris 4 each and Pitoitua 3


- Tackles for losses are always credited to the tackler, even if someone else was the one who blew up the play. In that respect they are exactly the same as sacks. The tackle was credited to the person who actually brought the runner down, not the person credited with the tackle in the official stats.

The numbers:

Coples - 4

McIntyre, Richardson, Scott, Allen, Dixon, Ellis - 2 each

Nine players with 1 each

Total - 25 tackles for losses.

Offensive Line: Pressure Surrendered

2011: 63 (15 sacks, 12 hits, 36 pressures), led by Clifford 14 (3, 4, 7) and Ducasse 10 (3, 4, 3)


- Sacks allowed are credited to the person whose man recorded the sack, or if a blitzer was unblocked, the person who appeared to be responsible for blocking him – usually identified by the fact that everyone else picks up their man, but if it is not clear, they are shown as unattributed. Sometimes the blocker does a good job but his man gets the sack due to pressure from somewhere else, but this would still be recorded.

- Pressures allowed are as above and credited to the blocker that was beaten. If multiple blockers were beaten, the pressure is credited to the blocker whose man got there first. In a change from last year, you can have more than one person allowing a pressure on a play, if there were separate instances where pressure occurred (eg one to flush the QB out of the pocket and another as the QB was rolling out.)

The numbers:

Howard - 12 (2 sacks, 2 hits, 8 pressures)

Griffin - 10.5 (1.5, 1, 8)

Kroul - 10.5 (0.5, 0, 10)

Unattributed - 8 (5, 2, 1)

Hunter - 6 (3, 0, 3) - Note: Also gave up a sack that was negated by a penalty

J Smith - 4 (1, 1, 2) - Note: Also allowed a sack and 3 pressures in 3 games with the Rams

Ferguson - 4 (1, 0, 3)

Powell - 4 (1, 1, 2)

Slauson - 3 (1, 1, 1)

Schlauderaff - 3 (0, 0, 3)

Epps - 2.5 (0.5, 0, 2)

Ducasse, Heyer - 2 pressures each

Cornick - 1.5 sacks

Cumberland, Baker, Tebow - 1 sack each

McKnight, Campbell, Moore, H Smith - 1 pressure each

Total Pressure - 80 (21 sacks, 8 hits, 51 pressures)

Batted Passes

2011: Preseason results were not compiled, but they had 11 in the regular season per PFF, led by Sione Po'uha with 3.


Only passes batted at or behind the line of scrimmage are counted. Downfield passes defensed do not count. If a pass is deflected by more than one person, only the first one counts.

The numbers:

Coples, Dixon, Ellis - 2 each.

Total - 6 batted passes.

Punting: ANPP

2011: Preseason results were not compiled, but TJ Conley's ANPP was 66% during the regular season.


ANPP represents the Adjusted Net Punt Percentage and is expressed in terms of a percentage of the maximum expected punt, which is 65 yards or the distance to the goal line, whichever is shortest. Research has shown that anywhere near 70% is elite, anything approaching 60% is poor and about 65% is average. Blocked punts and plays negated by penalties are excluded from the data.

The numbers:

Conley - 64.4%

Baltz and Lanning combined - 57.6%

Team ANPP - 62.8%

I am presenting these numbers without analysis, because I've already analyzed these games in the weekly BGA articles, but you can debate them to your heart's content in the comments.

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