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According to YouTube, "if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million". I've therefore been creating some animated gif images with a view to illustrating something better than one of my in-depth articles could.

Today's subject is Kenrick Ellis and, after the jump, you'll see a couple of clips that illustrate his power, agility and quickness, but also some less than perfect technique.

Note: if the animated images take a long time to load, then you can click on each one separately to load them one at a time.

Here's some good play against the run. Of course Ellis (#93) makes a lot of plays just by holding his ground or penetrating due to his size, but here he shows good technique to spin off a block and strength to wrestle the ball carrier to the ground.

This clip shows him doing work as a pass rusher, against the highly-regarded Chris Myers, no less. However, what it illustrates better than his technique is his quickness as he pressures the quarterback.

Here's a sign that his technique is still a work in progress though as he gets blown off the line by an initial double team and then is completely unable to anchor himself once the guard peels off to block David Harris. He needs to get his pad level lower to try and achieve better leverage.

Let's not end on a low point though. Here he does a good job of staying in the passing lane and anticipating the throw, which he deflects to force a turnover.


Hopefully these four clips summarize some of the different things Ellis is capable of quite well. In 2012, he got off to a good start, averaging over 30 snaps per game over the first five weeks, but then suffered an injury and only averaged 12 snaps per game when he returned in week 11. After Damon Harrison's recent comments that he's starting to "get everything" and should have a big year, I'm excited to see how well he can contribute this season.

This is a time-consuming process, so please feed back to me in the comments if you'd like more of this kind of feature (and if there's anyone or anything in particular you'd like to look at).

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