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According to YouTube, "if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million". I've therefore been creating some animated gif images with a view to illustrating something better than one of my in-depth articles could.

Today, we'll be looking at newly-signed defensive lineman Leger Douzable and, after the jump, you'll see a couple of clips that illustrate what he's capable of against the run and as a pass rusher. For a comprehensive scouting report on Douzable go here

Note: if the animated images take a long time to load, then you can click on each one separately to load them one at a time.

This first clip illustrates his explosiveness. Witness how he bursts off the line at the snap and shoots the gap to blow up the run in the backfield. Tight end Luke Stocker tries to engage with Douzable here, but Douzable swats him aside effortlessly.

Douzable hasn't been a highly productive pass rusher, but does collapse the pocket well when lined up at tackle and has used his strength to leverage his way into pressuring the quarterback when at defensive end. However, here, he displays a little quickness on a stunt from left defensive end which leaves him with an unmolested run at the quarterback for his first NFL sack. Although the Titans have three linemen to block two guys, Douzable sells the stunt perfectly with a hard plant with his left foot and change of direction.

This next play comes on fourth and one. Douzable (#69) blows the play up by getting good penetration against Brody Eldridge. When you put Douzable on the edge and the other team matches him up with a tight end, that's usually a major strength advantage and Douzable made that pay here by keeping his pad level lower than Eldridge at the point of contact and then holding his ground with his upper body strength.

While he had his breakout year in 2011, Douzable was a capable backup for two years with the Rams and Jaguars prior to that. Here, in his first season, he blows up a run by getting penetration against Kevin Mawae, who had been a Pro Bowler in the previous two seasons. Any time you can get a potential hall of famer to wander off, shaking his head and muttering to himself, you've made your mark. Watch how Mawae's head snaps back as he is pushed into the backfield. That's a sign Douzable won the leverage advantage and got in a good final thrust under the chin-strap.

Finally - and perhaps most impressively of all - check out how he blows up this play by driving Tyson Clabo eight yards into the backfield. Clabo is no slouch - he was coming off a Pro Bowl season that year and ended up being rated as the second best tackle in the NFL by PFF. Once again, pad level is key here and Clabo is driven into Michael Turner's path so he has nowhere to go. (Note: As an added bonus, look out for Dawan Landry in on the tackle).


The Jets defensive line figures to be a major strength this year and these clips give a good idea of Leger Douzable is capable of ... even though he might not even make the team and will probably have a rotational role even if he does!

Douzable is especially good against the run and that's important on a defensive line that - in contrast to previous years - figures to be more productive in terms of pass rushing this year. His ability to play both tackle and end makes him a perfect candidate for a depth role on this club and gives them a solid option if some of the young guys don't step up as hoped or suffer setbacks though injury.

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