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Ouch.  Jets fans seem to be buying high and selling low when it comes to their PSLs.

An owner of four “Coaches Club” PSLs behind the Jets bench paid $30,000 for each seat but is now trying to unload them for $12,000 a pop.

Another holder of two nearby seats who paid $60,000 combined is offering his for a total of $20,000.

Aaaaaaaaaaand this is why PSLs are one of the worst ideas in sports since Romans forced slaves to fight each other to death for their own amusement.

Owners force fans to assign a price (and then are willing the "help" them finance!) their loyalty to something to which they have an overwhelming emotional attachment.  The heart wants what the heart wants and we get that and won't judge, but the Jets weren't kidding when they warned us all by telling is that "a PSL is an asset".

Of course as any investor knows, the value of an asset can go up or it can go down and right now the price is WAY down.

I'm no smart investor, but I almost have to wonder if now would be a great time to buy in or if already in, dollar-cost average an investment made in PSLs because fans are so frustrated?  It's like the Warren Buffet concept of buying wherever the market is selling.  I personally don't consider PSLs a viable asset, but if I did and had expendable money ...

Oh wait, but I don't.


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