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Jets sixth-round draft pick QB Tajh Boyd has stated that adjusting to an NFL offense is no small feat.

"I've got a lot of work to do as far as me understanding," Boyd told Randy Lange of

"Just the type of offense is totally different ... you're running a true West Coast offense and working with Coach Mornhinweg, who's in the same class as Mike Holmgren, Bill Walsh and all those guys."

During his time at Clemson, Boyd didn't take snaps from center in Clemon's pistol / read-option offense and so it makes sense why there's many specific things that will take time and repetition for the rookie from Clemson.

"Everything's pretty precise, whether it's the footwork or the read. Once you start to look at the plays and the concepts and why they're built like that, you start to understand why everything is so precise," Boyd said.  "You want to go out there, you can't be a perfectionist, but at the same time that's who I am naturally. So you get to the point where you just want to get everything ... it takes time. I've got to understand that, to be patient a little bit. But I'm doing everything I can so that I'm ready and I'm confident when I go on the field."

Boyd will have Rex Ryan pulling for him (TJB, May 10) because Rex was such a champion to bring Boyd in in the first place during the lead up to the draft.

Boyd will be competing with Matt Simms for the third quarterback spot.  Simms saw his star dim slightly last year after he played well in the preseason, but struggled to move the offense for the Jets in mop-up duty for Geno Smith.  After battling Matt Simms for the third spot, tackling the team's backup role would be the plan for 2015 -- and seems likely if the team can afford Boyd the time to dig in.  Boyd's known as a good leader, smart, meticulous and with some physical gifts ... but for him it all hinges on how well he can demonstrate his early learning during camp.

Boyd's college offense had the benefit of two excellent receivers and a lot of bubble screens and simple option type reads.  While Marty Morhinweg's offense does contain some of those elements, it's much more a modernized West Coast as Boyd explains.  It's going to take him time.

SportsOnEarth's Mike Tanier wrote an excellent article about Tajh Boyd and the right landing spot for him in the lead up to the draft.  Tanier thought it would be best for Boyd to latch on with a strong offensive coaching staff with a team that was looking to groom a long-term backup.

Maybe more than anything, this takes us inside the head of where Geno Smith was a year ago.  Smith had to make an adjustment to Mornhinweg's offense and it took him time, as we saw from his play on the field last year.  Also there is the element of perfectionism.  During his play last fall, Geno's concern for making a mistake might have caused hesitation and thus made it harder for him.  The hope is is that the game will slow down more for Smith (and for Boyd) with more practice and study.


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