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With 94 yards in total offense at halftime, 50 of which came by running the football, the Jets offense looked - albeit with less terrible turnovers - much the same as it had a week ago with Mark Sanchez as the starting quarterback.  Connor Orr writes for the Star-Ledger that Brandon Moore - with the game on the line - laid into his teammates, specifically his fellow linemen, during halftime of yesterday's game to get them to respond.

Respond the Jets running game did, tallying 166 yards rushing on the day - more than doubling the effort of the first  half .

Jets veteran guard Brandon Moore had seen enough. An offensive showing that had accumulated but 50 yards on the ground after a 177-yard effort against Arizona the week before was not what he had envisioned against a Jaguars defense that ranked 31st in the NFL in rushing defense. He gathered his linemates during the brief intermission and sent a message to all of them — perform better or walk out of there with an L.

Moore sloughed off his pep talk after the game. But teammate Austin Howard was ready to talk about it.

“He got us together there at halftime and told us, ‘Guys, however you think you played in that first half, we’ve got to amp it up because we’re not getting it done,’ ” Howard said in relaying Moore’s message. “’What we’ve done so far has gotten us zero points. So we’ve got to come together and get the offense rolling.’

“We feel it’s all on us, the offensive line. Every game, every play, every inch — we’ve got to be better than the guys across from us. The coaches have told us, how our offensive line goes, so goes our offense. We will be as successful as those of us on the offensive line play.”

The two longest drives of the first half were killed by turnovers, which only emphasize just how important ball security is.  Had the Jets not given up the ball, the Jets might have scored on those drives.  Even so, if the ball security was better in the second half, it was apparent that a more focused offense came out for the second half than had played in the first.  A big part of why the offense worked was that the Jets remembered that the Jaguars are one of the worst teams in the league and they have a good run-blocking offensive line.  Sanchez threw the ball almost as much as they did in the first half, but with the line creating big gaps and the running backs finding the holes, it was easy for the Jets to move the ball.

Moore has been an invaluable part of this offensive line for almost a decade and has been the quiet leader for that group, I wonder what the offseason will bring, but it's good to see that he's grabbing the attention of the players around him and doing what needs to be done.

With a Monday night game against the Titans up next, the Jets should be able to easily run the ball against a unit that has not played the run well all season.  We'll see if they don't stick with much of the same gameplan next week.

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