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According to Manish Mehta this morning, Austin Howard and the Jets are still trying to hammer out a deal.  But with negotiations open with other teams, there are foxes in the proverbial henhouse.

It must be coming down to money and/or guarantees.  We do know that the Jets got a pretty good set of bargains in their retaining Jeff Cumberland along with Lankster and Walls.  So are the Jets similarly low-balling Howard?  Howard is reported to be looking for a deal similar to Phil Loadholt, which was deemed lucrative last year, but which seems reasonable given Howard's play and his position.

That said, there was a tail-off in the play at the end of the season from Howard, so are the Jets balking at a deal too big or too long?  The Jets might wind up signing Howard all the same in the name of continuity, but what seemed like a very likely return for Howard is now starting to take on more uncertainty... 

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