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Will Rex's future be determined by whether the Jets can make the playoffs this season? While many (myself included) have speculated as such, Kristian Dyer of Metro New York reports that Ryan's future is not necessarily tied to getting into the postseason.

But Metro New York has learned it isn’t “postseason or bust” for Ryan this year if he wants to extend his stay in New York.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a team source with knowledge of the situation said Ryan “isn’t on any hot seat” this season, despite the fact his Jets haven’t had a winning record the past three seasons let alone made the playoffs.


“Rex isn’t on any hot seat and there is no playoff mandate even though he thinks and management thinks we can make the playoffs. That’s the goal every year,” the source told Metro. “But it isn’t postseason or bust for him. There are a lot of factors that go into it.”

To the source's point, there are a lot of factors and to ignore Ryan's obvious defensive talent, his players devotion to him and the team's refusal to give up even when the playoffs seemed out of reach. But sooner or later the Jets have to get back to the playoffs and 2013 marked the third straight season that the Jets were unable to reach the playoffs.

For as much flak as the Jets get about their talent level, the team is much improved offensively and the way the head coach, offensive coordinator and general manager are attending pro days, looks to be getting better within the month at the wide receiver position.

Jets are piece or two away in the secondary from a top defense and their offense projects to be much better. The talent level on this team is on the rise, despite the moves they didn't make in free agency. While Ryan's future might not be held hostage by making the playoffs, it's hard not to think that his future won't be hurt by it.

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