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There were some reports floating around that Rex Ryan was interested in Norv Turner, it sounds like that idea has some traction to it.

sources told that Rex Ryan wants to bring in a new coordinator, and former San Diego Chargers coach Norv Turner is said to be on his short list.
There are some guys who become head coaches who were better suited as Offensive Coordinators. Norv Turner most assuredly fits in that category.

Could Turner help out the Jets offense? Probably, but my biggest problem is that Turner's offense and Schottenheimer's offense will bear a lot of similarities. Both are Air Coryell disciples, so you would see a lot of motion-based, F-Backs, bunch packages, that's all the same stuff that Schotty liked to run. It's also an offense that tends to rely on the passing game more than the running game. But maybe that's just a function of the personnel in San Diego.

Still as far as the ground and pound, Turner's offense won't be what Rex has said he needs to run his team. Maybe he's re-thought that notion. Instead of running the ball to hide the passer, he'd rather just have an effective passer.

The one big difference between Turner and Schottenheimer is results. Schottenheimer would all to often outthink himself ... from what I've seen of Turner, that might never have been his problem ...

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