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While this initial report has been called back for a flag on the play, it's started some speculation as to whether or not the Bucs are the ones to strike a deal with the New York Jets over.

First, from Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Then, NFL's Ian Rapoport intervened with this:

To which McLane repolied with this.

The Bucs are serious about upgrading a beleaguered secondary and are also in the running for safety Dashon Goldson and might even come to terms with the former Niner as soon as tomorrow. Adding both Goldson and Revis would buttress the Bucs sagging pass defense rather quickly in an NFC South that is stacked with extremely talented quarterbacks and receivers.

This report and semi-recantation from McLane doesn't mean that it's not true, it just means that it's not done yet.  To that point, Kim Jones just said on NFL Network that "I was told by someone involved in these discussions ... and is from the Tampa Bay organization ... that simply they're not sure where this is headed right now.'"

Whether it's headed to breaking off talks or striking a deal though, the implication is that the Bucs are at least heading somewhere with the Jets for Revis.  With two hurdles to clear on a deal for Darrelle Revis, this is to be expected.  As of last night the Jets were keeping Schwartz and Feinsod away from discussions with teams, so once any talks reached the level of involving the agents, there is bound to be some twists and turns.

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