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One of the most intriguing names to me as the draft approaches is one that I keep seeing over and over again from draftniks.

Tavon Austin seems to be getting a lot of love as we head into the month leading up to the NFL Draft (AKA the silly season), but is it real or manufactured?  Are teams pumping him up hoping other teams will take him or is there so much chatter about him it simply must be true?

Austin was a pretty electric playmaker and has an impressive highlight reel, see here.

The thing is, most NFL teams will worry about drafting him too early, no matter how much of a playmaker he might be because of his size.  Because he's so small, teams will worry whether or not he could be a durable player in the NFL.  The consensus seems to be that Austin could easily go in the 10-20 range, but that it will be a bit of a surprise should a top ten team draft him despite his abilities.  Austin has a knack for creating yards after the catch and his elusiveness was on display during his time at West Virginia.  As for the Jets?  They are right on the cusp of the projected drafting range for Austin.  If they are installing a West Coast Offense, he could project into a DeSean Jackson type role for the team once the team settles their quarterback situation.

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