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WVU QB Geno Smith

Interesting lead-off note from ESPN NY on the news that not only Terry Bradway watched WVU QB Geno Smith's Pro Day, but that the team's new OC went with him and whether or not that means anything about the Jets level of interest in Smith.

It was widely reported March 14 that Jets senior personnel executive Terry Bradway attended the West Virginia pro day, headlined by QB Geno Smith. Turns out that Bradway was accompanied by offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. The Jets' contingent had some private time with Smith, and they came away very impressed. The Jets have warmed to Smith since last month's scouting combine, where he didn't blow people away with his interviews. Some feel that may have been caused by fatigue (the combine can be a grind), but he certainly redeemed himself in the eyes of the Jets.

Smith might be gone before the Jets get a chance to even pick Smith, but anything's possible in the NFL Draft.  The Jets have to be prepared for the possibility that Smith might be there.  And if he's there?  The Jets need as much leverage as possible to compel other teams to move up if they want to trade back.

Whether or not the Jets are interested in taking Smith, it behooves them to appear that they are at least partially interested in the WVU QB because it could make teams drafting behind the Jets potential trade partners.  It's bad to look too in love, because then a team might move past the Jets to take him before he falls to #9.  It's sensible to look moderately interested in the Draft's top QB so that a potential trade partner think it a sensible landing spot for Smith even if the team isn't all-in on him.

As to what the team is saying in the draft room among themselves?  It's hard to say whether or not the Jets are actually interested in Smith or not, but sending Bradway and Morhinweg is an indication that they are paying attention.  When the Jets drafted Sanchez, Woody, Tanny, Rex & Schotty all visited him on the west coast.  If the Jets were going to draft their future starting QB, I'd expect more involvement with some of the team's top brass.  Pay attention and see if the Jets extend Smith an invite to NYC in the next month ... that might help gauge their interest.

To get a sense of who Geno is, watch Mooch's interview of Smith at the Combine.

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