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Now that the Eagles are overhauling their roster with a new head coach and young GM, could  they be a landing spot for Darrelle Revis in a potential trade?  While the article is light on sources and heavy on "should"s, it still outlines a scenario that could make the Eagles a likely suitor.

There's already a rumor brewing in certain NFL circles that Eagles general manager Howie Roseman has been crunching the numbers and putting together an offer to bring the 27-year-old Revis to Philadelphia.


So what's it going to take for Roseman to pull this off? Lots, but not as much as initial reports indicated. The rebuilding Jets are said to want two draft picks - a first-rounder this year and a high conditional selection next year.

The Eagles have eight draft picks - one in each of the first six rounds and two in the seventh. They're not giving up the fourth overall pick. But their second-round pick - the 35th overall - could be negotiable.

This story is starting to get picked up a lot today in the media and you can be sure that it's going to get amplified on Monday once the news cycle kicks up.  The whole report hangs on the first paragraph we quoted above, that there's rumors about Roseman's interest ... but not much more.  It's not to say it's not valid, but the report might outstrip the Eagles' actual interest.

The Jets are going to want to save face on this, while the 35th pick is nothing to sneeze at and would give the Jets three picks in the top forty of a notoriously deep draft at many of the Jets most troubling spots, if they accept the 35th, they are going to want the 2014 conditional to potentially be worth a first.

Meanwhile, the Eagles aren't flush with cap room, but they are better off than the Jets.  Trading for Revis might just mean a rental of Revis with a contract later, but should the Eagles want to lock Revis up, then  cutting Nnamdi could easily make plenty or room for Revis.  Per, cutting Nnamdi this year represents an $11 million savings to the Eagles ... so if the Eagles are serious, expect that it also means that Nnamdi will be cast out of Philadelphia in a complementary move.

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