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More intrigue courtesy of PFT?

While poking around the question of whether the Jets could be trying to include quarterback-of-all-trades Tim Tebow in the package (which would keep the Jets from cutting Tebow and seeing him sign with the Patriots), we tripped over a previously unknown nugget. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the discussions between the Jets and Bucs have included the possibility of the Buccaneers assuming the contract of quarterback Mark Sanchez.

The possibility of including Tebow as a salary dump throw-in to a potential Revis deal (and this being one of the potential reasons he's still on the roster) is something I've been discussing for a while. However, Manish Mehta disputed that a couple of days ago:

As for the "news" that discussions have included the possibility of Sanchez going the other way in the deal that doesn't mean anything without having some idea about whether this was an idea that was floated but shot down or if they have actually discussed at length how that would affect the compensation changing hands in such a trade.

If there was a team with sufficient cap room to absorb one of the Jets bigger deals, then if the benefit gained from the increase in cap space would outweigh the value they'd prepare to give up in draft pick compensation, then it does make sense to talk about it as a possibility in such a deal. As Jason writes here the Bucs could theoretically be in such a position. This type of deal is pretty rare though, so in the absence of any more concrete reports, I'd suggest it's probably not worth assuming this is likely to happen.

Sure enough, as I was writing this, Manish has again suggested this isn't likely to happen, so (as I thought) it's another thing to not necessarily get excited over.

However, I suppose it gives us something to discuss on an otherwise quiet Friday evening.

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