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Adam Schefter has an update on the DeSean Jackson situation, which may come as a surprise to many people who had been considering it a foregone conclusion that the Jets would show interest.

The Jets were previously reported to have reached out to the Eagles before Jackson was released about the the possibility of trading for the 27-year old.

This doesn't necessarily rule out the possibility that Schefter's report was inaccurate and the Jets have actually reached out or, alternatively, that they intend to reach out but have yet to do so. However, it does raise questions as to whether the Jets were turned off by the recent reports scrutinizing Jackson's off-field activities.

It flies in the face of earlier reports that the Jets did in fact show interest since Jackson's release and that's probably the most relevant piece of this story.  Maybe the Jets are slow playing the market?  It's possible, but seems dangerous if they are interested in him.

I get that there are character concerns about Jackson that weren't public knowledge a month ago, but the reports of his gang affiliations are at best circumstantial. is patting themselves on the backs for putting together a story that was in all likelihood leaked by the Eagles organization to begin with.  Did they uncover a few eyebrow raising items to share with the public?  Yes, but to think that the NFL Security office didn't already know much of those details is unlikely.  There's more truth behind the simple fact that Chip Kelly didn't want Jackson on his team and GM Howie Roseman jumped through whatever hoops allowed him to keep his job.

For me, it is the most predictable yet simultaneously frustrating development.  I get that John Idzik's Jets are all about "sustainable success" but there is a way to be successful in the short term by adding Jackson while also adding the players that the team needs from a longer term perspective -- even at the same position.

If the Jets are going to idly watch another of the best players to hit free agency in the last month find a new team and do virtually nothing about it, then they better pick up a helluva a receiver in the first two days of the NFL draft.

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