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An interesting story this morning from the New York Daily News suggests that the Jets will be targeting a couple of veteran wide receivers in free agency:

The Daily News has learned that the Jets covet free agent wide receivers Jeremy Maclin and Emmanuel Sanders with the hope that one or both can help revamp the league's 31st-ranked passing offense from last season.
The top pending free agents at the receiver position are considered to be Eric Decker and Anquan Boldin, but the article states that there are people within the organization who are not sold on Decker's ability to be a number one receiver. As for Boldin, who isn't mentioned in the article, it's not yet certain he'll hit the open market.

It's obvious that the Jets will be looking to upgrade the wide receiver position over the next couple of months. Many people have the Jets taking a receiver in the early rounds of the draft and I don't think signing a player such as Sanders or Maclin as their top free agent would necessarily change that thinking.

Playing devil's advocate briefly, would the Jets really believe that someone like Maclin or Sanders could "help revamp" the Jets' offense? Neither has ever had a 1,000 yard season despite the fact they haven't been the number one option. If they're being covered by the other team's best corner every week for the first time in their career, it might be foolish to expect either player to have a career year - which they would need to do to represent any kind of worthwhile upgrade over a healthy Santonio Holmes.

Also, Maclin is coming off a torn ACL - although that's the type of player Idzik was targeting last year in an effort to get short term value for money.

For what it's worth, we had also heard that the Jets are planning to target some free agent receivers. However, the names we've heard the Jets linked with don't necessarily correlate to those from the Daily News story.

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