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While there might be more, so far three candidates have emerged as the Jets starting looking to fill their Offensive Coordinator spot.  It's hard to say if gather these names will get winnowed down before a new GM is hired or if a new GM will be on-board for the OC search process ... stay tuned ... 

Marty Morhinweg -- As an OC Morhinweg ran the Niners offense back in the late 90s and has been the OC in Philly since 2006.  Morhinweg transitioned between Donavan McNabb to Mike Vick, which could give the Jets a leg up on Mike Vick should the Jets be serious about the report of the Jets interest in him from about a month ago.  There's a lot of West Coast influence in his offensive style so expect lots of passes and timing routes.  Morhinweg is much more qualified than Tony Sparano was, but his style would probably be a big change for the Jets.

Hue Jackson -- Jackson has been around the league and coached for many teams and never seemed to make enough of a dent on any one team for him to stay long enough and really establish a firm history of success.  Still, Jackson's experience with a number of teams and systems would be a help to him.  He's not the most overwhelming candidate but I do think that shown competence in making use of what he has wherever he has been a team's offensive coordinator.

Cam Cameron -- Cameron is from the Norv Turner branch of the Coryell coaching tree and might be considered one of the more innovative and successful in that grouping based on his time with the Chargers in the early 2000s and then again up until this year with the Ravens.  Cameron was one of the most influential forces in Brian Schottenheimer since Schotty was Cameron's QB coach in San Diego.  BUT, Cameron doesn't use the bunch and stack formations that we grew accustomed to seeing with Schotty.  He requires his quarterback to heave the ball downfield regularly and Mark Sanchez does NOT have that kind of arm strength to make a Cameron-Sanchez offense a likely successful one.  But then again that might be the point ...

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