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Leading up to Sunday's win over the Browns, Fox's Jay Glazer reported that the team's head coach told his players Saturday night that the “word on the street” is he was going to be fired.

After speaking with a number of players after the game, Metro New York's Kristian Dyer couldn't find a player to confirm Glazer's report.

It wasn’t about their head coach, say the players in the locker room who heard — and felt — their head coach’s words Saturday night.

Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer reported prior to the Jets’ 24-13 win over the Browns on Sunday that head coach Rex Ryan told his team on Saturday night that the “word on the street” is he was going to be fired.

Perhaps it was a shrewd word choice, but it has led to rampant speculation Ryan is on his way out after five seasons with the Jets.

But the Jets players in that meeting Saturday say there was nothing of the sort.

“It wasn’t that way. [That’s] farthest from the truth,” one player told Metro on the condition of anonymity. “It wasn’t like that, not at all. He didn’t make it about him. And I didn’t hear him say once that there was a ‘word on the street’ about him going. Not at all.”

Tight end Kellen Winslow, when told of the report, said “we don’t know anything about that.”

Be sure to read the full article on the Metro site.

It's hard to figure out exactly what is happening here.  Jay Glazer and Rex Ryan are known to be friends, so if Glazer wanted the information from the coach directly he could get it and then just attribute it to "the street." But using a phrase like "word on the street" almost implies that it comes from an agent like Jimmy Sexton ... but again Glazer's ties to Ryan are strong.  Could this just be Glazer spouting off after Gary Meyers' article on the New York coaches that appeared in the Daily News over the weekend?  It's possible.

No one seems to know for sure what Rex's status is for the Jets next year, but our hope is that he is allowed to return to the Jets as the team's head coach.  With Geno Smith potentially coming around and a lot of cap room and draft picks the Jets are going to be able to make almost exclusively upgrades in their acquisitions to this football team.  If Rex's tenure is tenuous, then it is fair to ask the next question.  Who is going to be better for this team and these players?

It's good that players don't see that as the way the situation played out, so the hope here is that Glazer's report was either puffery or just plain erroneous ... 

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