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The plot thickens! While news that the Jets were ready to part ways with Pace/Scott/Smith via cuts, one of the other major cap problems has to be Mark Sanchez's bloating cap figure.  With that in mind, it seems that the team's new GM is interested in seeing if Sanchez would re-structure his deal.

Now that this is out there, it's going to be very interesting to see how Sanchez responds.  It makes 100% sense for the Jets to see if Sanchez is amenable to re-doing his deal again, but the real question is whether or not Sanchez sees it the same way as new GM John Idzik.

It all comes down to what Mark Sanchez thinks the best end-game is here.  Mark Sanchez was atrocious in 2012, but how will be respond to it?  If he wants out of New York, then re-doing his deal would make no sense at all and it's money he'd likely never see again as the Jets will be forced to eat his 2013 figure and then cut him potentially as soon as September.  If Sanchez really wants to see things through in New York, then maybe restructuring his deal is the best way to ease the burden of the team and allow them an opportunity to put the right cast around him by plucking a few choice free agents before trying to re-load in the draft.

There's no way the team will know what his intentions are if they didn't ask him, and now we'll know what his intentions are based on how Sanchez responds t0 the request ... 

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