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News broke today of an interesting development in the Jimmy Graham saga. For those not keeping score at home, the Saints placed their franchise tag on their pro bowl tight end earlier this week, albeit with the looming threat of Graham filing a grievance to say that he should be treated as a wide receiver and therefore receive a higher sum. The Saints don't have a very good cap situation, so they will have been relieved to hear the recent news of recent cap hikes, which might mean they're well positioned to extend him long term. The latest development is an interesting one though...

This would allow a team to negotiate with Graham and, although the Saints could match the offer, if they chose not to they would lose him and receive draft pick compensation instead. It opens up the possibility that a team with more cap space than the Saints could offer him a contract with front-loaded cap hits that could be difficult for them to match.

So what do you reckon, Jets fans? Would it be worth a shot? Answer the poll below and elaborate in the comments.

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