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An interesting bit of "take it with a grain of salt" news tonight from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network:

Are the Sanchez injury story, and then the Marty-Geno story, floated within hours of each other by the same reporter ringing anyone else's bells?  Practically speaking it might be that the Jets really have no choice when it comes to Sanchez or Geno if Sanchez can't play.

There's been a lot made over the last month that the Jets' coaches want Sanchez while GM John Idzik wants Smith to be the team's starter. Sanchez's NFL experience is supposed to be one of the better arguments for why he's the right man for the job, while Geno's arm and ability to avoid turnovers were reasons in his favor. Now Geno Smith had a setback game against the Giants and Mark Sanchez is injured and might not even be ready for Week One anyway.

If last night proved anything, it's that Marty Mornhinweg's system works, if the signal caller is willing to play within it. Based on the group of four the Jets have that's not to say there won't be bumps along the way no matter who is quarterbacking this team.

If Mornhinweg can bring a guy like Geno Smith along over the course of the season, it would be good for Geno and good for Mornhinweg's chance to stick around in 2014, despite whatever storms might be brewing for the coming offseason.

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