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According to Jason Cole of Yahoo!, the Niners are one of the teams that have discussed trading for Revis.

The 49ers are among a handful of teams that have discussed making a run at Revis this offseason, according to two sources. In fact, the 49ers are poised to make a run at Revis even if it’s just for one season (although that could be problematic from Revis’ standpoint).

Cole also notes that the Niners have 12 draft picks, including the one they just got for Alex Smith.  Because of their sheer number of picks the Niners have, Cole is right in that if any team is poised to make a play for Revis, the Niners would seem likely.

Of course, the problem is that the Niners are not a team that generally spends gobs of money on free agents in their current incarnation under GM Trent Baalke ... so the Nate Clements contract isn't a consideration when it comes to current regime.  Even so, if the owner sees the value of bringing in a player like Revis, then it might not matter what the GM thinks.

The Niners are a real possibility for the a trade with the Jets, but I think trade compensation would be the low hurdle.  The high hurdle is getting Revis and a team like the Niners to agree to a new deal.

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