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While most of the predictions making their way around this week have been of the Patriots over the Seahawks! variety, some credit to Andy Benoit of SI who actually is predicting interesting and useful information, like this blurb on the pistol offense:

Even if the read-option abates, pistol sets should surge. Offenses are realizing that pistol is essentially a quicker version of the shotgun, only with more play-action capabilities. It doesn’t always require the quarterback to run. Heck, even Peyton Manning’s Broncos experimented with the new set in August.
Jets QB coach David Lee has admitted that the Jets have been and will continue to practice the pistol, and they have used it at times already during the preseason. Geno fared well in his use of the play-action this summer, and has some familiarity with short shotgun snaps playing in the "Air Raid" offensive tree at WVU.

If the Jets are going to roll the dice with Geno this weekend, the run game -- and the threat of the run game -- is going to be important to Geno's success.  Adding in a wrinkle like the pistol would be a help for a Jets offense unlikely to open up their full playbook for their supposed rookie starter.

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