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It's hard to know what the future holds with the Jets quarterback position, but that doesn't seem to be keeping folks from making speculation on what the Jets might do next.

Matt Flynn (SEA) -- Will Flynn be cut in Seattle this offseason? Jason Cole of Yahoo! seems to think so. If that's actually the case the Jets might make a play for him, but his price tag might be more than the Jets can afford.

Tavaris Jackson (BUF) -- Look, no one is going to mistake Tavaris Jackson for John Elway, but he graded out better in 2011 (last time he started) than Mark Sanchez did.  Tavaris Jackson is not a long-term answer and I'm not thrilled with the idea, but he's an easy and cheap gap year upgrade that the new GM has familiarity with.  Jackson might not win the Jets many games, but he would throw away less than the 2012 starter did.

Alex Smith (SF) -- As a veteran with recent stable starting experience, Alex Smith might be one of the most sought after quarterbacks in a weak free agent class.  Having lost his job in San Francisco Smith will be looking for a starting job somewhere around the league but might still command more according to the Post than the Jets can dole out on the early side of any contract they could offer him.  Also, Smith's successes that only seemed to come under Harbaugh's tenure might be problematic for him duplicating those results with another team.

Matt Moore (MIA) -- Moore won't cost a lot, is scrappy and is used to taking over jobs left half-done by others and then giving them away to others without much of a thank you.  Moore was mentioned by the Post and might not be a long-term answer for the Jets, but he could start, back up, or spot start as necessary and might win a few here and there.

Michael Vick (PHI) -- It sounds as if Vick has no interest in reuniting with Morhinweg.  Anything can change if Vick has trouble catching on with another team, but after last week's reports about Vick not being interested in the Jets, it's probably not worth holding out too much hope.

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