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Two interesting notes Saturday from sources talking about quarterbacks that might have repercussions for the Jets.

First, and less notably, Matt Schaub might be a consideration by the Jets should they cut Mark Sanchez and begin a search for a second quarterback to back Geno Smith.

Second, that PFT is connecting the dots that the the signings of both Matt Cassel in Minnesota and Chad Henne in Jacksonville likely obviate any interest by Mike Vick in signing in either location.

Per a league source, Vick is unlikely to have any interest in either team given the re-signings of Chad Henne in Jacksonville and Matt Cassel in Minnesota.

As to the Jaguars, word emerged only recently that they had interest. Some believe that the interest wasn’t genuine, and that it was part of the effort to get Henne to agree to terms.

With this addendum.

... look for Vick to look for a team where he’ll be paid as much or more than Cassel received in Minnesota — and where Vick will have a legitimate chance to win the starting job.
It is pretty clear that this is sourced from Vick's camp and while Jacksonville and Minnesota are taken off the table in the article, no other teams are mentioned.  The Jets, Bills, Texans, Bucs, and Raiders all seem likely landing spots but we can understand why Vick's camp might want to lay low until his new team seems a probable outcome.  In addition, Vick's camp is making it clear that he is looking for $5 million a year at a minimum (Cassel's deal) from wherever he ends up ... expect it to be more like $6 million.

The Jets seem like a team that makes a lot of sense for Vick. From a pure football standpoint, New York has plenty of money if they wanted to bring him in and the difference between keeping Mark Sanchez at $2 million and Mike Vick at $6 million seems simple enough.

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