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Rex Ryan and Daily News beatwriter Manish Mehta have had something of a bad turn in the last week, what with the article that came out about Rex had had him "mad as a hornet" and then the contentious disclosure by Rex about the conversation he and Rex had off the record.  Since nothing's been openly addressed by the coach since the end of the Bills game, Manish writes in the Daily News that it's anybody's guess what's going on inside the building right now. It's an article worth a read, and has some interesting nuggets .. along with some barbs directed at the coach.  Before readers get mad at the author, the whole point of the article is to be speculative.  Speculative, because Rex Ryan won't answer all the questions that surround the team.

Here's one of the nuggets.

Jets assistant general manager Scott Cohen is the in-house candidate, but it is unlikely that Johnson would hire Tannenbaum’s deputy if he is truly looking for a new vision for his team.
We guessed last week that if anyone was going to be an in-house candidate, it would be Cohen.  Other than Terry Bradway, he's probbly got the most history in player personnel, but his ties to the organization seem to be working against him right now if Manish is headed in the right direction.  If Woody is looking for a breath of fresh air, then hiring Cohen might not be the best fit.  Of course, the last time around Woody hired Tannenbaum, who took the internal promotion for the job.  I would have to imagine that Cohen would be Rex's first choice because the two already know each other, but as the article points out in another section, Rex might be a lame-duck coach right now and so his say won't matter that much to Woody and the top decisionmakers with the Jets.


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