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Rumor from Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times is that the Bucs might not have the stomach to make the Darrelle Revis trade as they still see the draft pick compensation as too high.

The Bucs may pass on a chance to trade for Darrelle Revis if the Jets continue to insist on three draft picks for the Pro Bowl cornerback.

The Jets reportedly have asked for the Bucs' 13th overall pick in the NFL draft April 25, as well as selections in the third and fifth rounds. It's not clear whether one, both or neither of those later picks could come in 2014.

Officially, it's unclear whether or not the Bucs are willing to trade their 2013 first rounder, but Stroud writes in his article that the Bucs are willing to part with their first-round pick as well as an additional pick, but says nothing of what years those other picks would reside or whether it's the 5th rounder or the 3rd rounder that they are OK with.

At the present time, Tampa Bay looks like the only team interested in trading.  The fact that they aren't competing is why the Bucs have been hesitant to meet the Jets demands.  The Browns are the only other team with a comparable amount of cap space and the Browns have expressed no interest.

John Idzik had stated that he was happy with Revis' progress on his knee rehab, but the Bucs are going to want to get their doctors to look at Revis before they would agree to any trade.  With the draft just eight days away, the window to trade Revis before the draft is steadily shrinking.

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