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This morning, the Daily News is reporting that sources tell them that there are a few teams who might attempt a trade for Darrelle Revis's services

Two or three “legitimate buyers” are prepared to make a trade for perennial Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis when free agency and the trading period begin on March 12, the Daily News has learned.

The NFC champion 49ers, who will have 12 tradeable picks in next month’s draft and a glaring need for a top cornerback, are interested in trading for Revis sooner rather than later, according to sources. The Falcons, who lost to the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game, are also considered a team that could emerge as a player in the Revis sweepstakes.

It makes sense that the Falcons and Niners would be interested.  Adding Revis makes their already good defenses that much better.  Of course, the second half of the equation is getting Revis to agree to go to a team on a deal he feels compensates him the way he wants.

The Jets have made it well known in personnel and agent circles that they are looking and planning on Revis not being a Jet in 2013, so some of the other quotes in the article fall in line with what even I've been hearing ...  point is, when I hear stuff ... it's not much of a secret ...

The Jets have a short window of leverage that will evaporate once teams start their mad spending in free agency ... Revis would be a major piece for any team and the rest of the team's acquisitions or cuts would revolve around that one, so any team that has real interest will want to move quickly.

If the Jets move Revis, which is what they're telling anyone who will listen in back-channel talks, it's going to happen within the next 7-10 days.

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