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In 2009, it was Woody's Le Grand Tour that caused a stir.  Is Rex's journey into the wilderness about to raise some eyebrows?

The Daily News has learned that not only isn’t Ryan at the team facility today, but he flew out of town this morning. Barring a drastic change in plans, he won’t be back to the team’s Florham Park headquarters on Thursday, either.

Ryan’s trip is of a personal nature, the News has learned.

The Jets likely won't make any official announcements of coaching changes until they hire a new general manager, which could happen as soon as this week. Ryan told his staff to handle their paperwork during the rest of the week, but that no official moves are likely to happen until a new GM is in place.

Last I checked Rex Ryan didn't work at the Triangle Waist Company.  Most NFL coaches wouldn't have taken a vacation since the start of training camp, so even with a six win team, he's earned a bit of a break.

This could add circumstantial evidence to the idea that he's being put out to pasture.  That said, there's a large distinction between him heading to Ibiza to party down or spending a few quiet days with family or his ailing father.

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