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While Rex Ryan might like the idea of Mike Vick quarterbacking his team (and might have floated his interest in him)  it looks like the Philly QB coming to New York seems very improbable.  Adam Schefter wrote an article on about how the two are not likely to connect this offseason.

Vick and Mornhinweg were not on the best of terms this past season with the Philadelphia Eagles, and neither the veteran quarterback nor the newly hired Jets offensive coordinator are interested in reuniting in New York, sources told ESPN.

If Vick is released by the Eagles this offseason, he is expected to command a contract well out of the salary cap-strapped Jets' price range.

Somewhere in New York City, TJB writer Corey Griffin is silently weeping ...

The most relevant part of this is the last line.  Mike Vick is smart enough to know that at this point in his career he needs to be the hired gun.  His preference will be to take a deal with cash on the barrel and not defer any money that he can't get up front.  Based on his inability to stay healthy for 16 games, he's not going to take a small number in the first year of a new deal in hopes of a big payday later on ... that's kind of how his current deal was structured to much hoopla for not as big a reward as it seemed.

Vick was replaced for Nick Foles this year and we're sure that Marty Morhinweg was part of the discussions around what Vick's role should or shouldn't be.  While we don't have any inside knowledge it would stand to reason that Vick didn't appreciate the decision to move on to the younger quarterback maybe he felt like coaches like Morhinweg didn't stand up enough for him.

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