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While there's no inidication that the Jets are interested at this point, it was being thrown around this weekend that the Vikings are dead serious about moving WR Percy Harvin after the WR had a feud with his head coach in 2012.

Multiple sources tell [the reporter] that Harvin had an embarrassing tirade directed toward Frasier, disrespecting the coach during the season when Harvin was sidelined with an injured ankle.

Teammates were present, and [the reporter] was told that is when Harvin left the team and was put on injured reserve.


The Vikings will try to trade him ...

If the Vikings are truly interested in trading Percy Harvin, then maybe we'll see if the Jets would be interested in entering some dialog with the Vikes.  Tannenbaum might have been leading the crusade to trade up to get Harvin in the 2009 NFL Draft, but with Rex Ryan, Scott Cohen and others still in place in the organization, there might still be a fondness in the team's heart when it comes to the mercurial receiver and they might implore Idzik to at least take a look at the opportunity.  The Brandon Marshall trade from last year provides a good baseline to work off.  The Bears parted with two thirds in order to reunite Cutler with Marshall.  If the Vikings are looking to dump Harvin, they could expect to get a player who's proven much less in the NFL with either one third rounder or some mix of third day draft picks.  Oh and if the Jets were even interested, would they try to trade for Harvin straight up, or somehow involve Revis in the mix?  Hmmm ...

Harvin could be a lethal weapon in a Morhinweg offense.  Since of of the mainstays of the West Coast is to get receivers the ball quickly and in a myriad of ways to gain yards after the catch, Harvin is the type of player that would suit the offense well.  Harvin has been productive when he can play, reaching 967 yards, on 87 catches along with six scores in 2011.  In that same year, Harvin also rushed the ball 52 times for a 6.6 YPA and two touchdowns.  Due to migraines and other injuries, his special teams work has lessened great from his rookie season.

Having said all that, Harvin is a massive diva and has rebelled against his last two head coaches, which is never a good sign.  Also we just noted, he's only played all 16 games in a season once in his career, which came in 2011.  The scuttlebutt is that Coach Frazier placed Harvin on the IR this season after an ankle injury that might not have required he sit for almost two months ... but after some open insurrection against his coach, it seems Frazier has had enough of Harvin.

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