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Is Mike Wallace heading to Miami a foregone conclusion?

And here's another report from Ben Volin of the PBP saying the same thing.

Well, in my mind, better Miami than New England.  That's about the last thing I'd want to see.

It's too early to get deep into what ifs about potential free agent moves ... we'll have weeks and months ahead to do that in anticipation of the 2013 season, but I'll say this, if the Jets move Revis and the Dolphins acquire Mike Wallace in the same season, it's going to put a lot of pressure on the Jets secondary in their two matchups this season.  Cromartie has the straight-line speed to keep up with Wallace ... for the most part, but Wallace has beaten the Jets deep with the Steelers a time or two in the past.  More than anything it will put immense pressure then on the #2 and #3 corners for the Jets to contain Bess and Hartline.  If the Jets are serious about moving Revis, then drafting a potential project player will be important, but it also means that Kyle Wilson, Ellis Lankster and Isaiah Trufant will need to be ready to take on larger roles in 2013.

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