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We continue our salary cap Q&A with Jason Fitzgerald (read Part One from yesterday) from  We asked Jason some questions about how the team is faring under John Idzik and what lies ahead in this two part article. Today, overall thoughts on John Idzik and will the Jets get that third rounder from Tampa?

TJB: Revis is getting his $16 million in Tampa and that ship is sinking quickly.  We don't expect that Revis will be back with the Jets in 2014, but how likely is it that the Bucs would cut and then re-sign Revis to save themselves a round on the 2014 draft pick they owe the Jets?

Jason Fitzgerald ( I think the Bucs could cut Revis but it will not be to re-sign him. If they release him its them admitting he is way overpriced and isn’t bringing enough value to the team. I think it will be an interesting situation there because I can almost guarantee that by late December or early January Revis’ side is going to the Tampa front office and asking them to prorate some of his salary to give him more job security. Tampa did this with two players last year, including Vincent Jackson who is repped by the same guys who represent Revis. However that was done in preparation to make a run at Revis in 2013. I’m not sure how they would take that kind of request now when their team is in shambles.

I think the most likely scenario is that the Jets will get the 3rd round pick for him and he stays in Tampa on his current deal with Tampa hoping to unload him to a contender mid way through 2014 to maybe get a 2nd rounder back in return. But if they cut him he will bolt to another team that will pay him more money up front. A lot could also depend on who is running that team after the season.

TJB: Any additional thoughts or observations on how Idzik has changed the way the Jets operate since he's taken over?

Jason Fitzgerald: In contractual terms there seems to be a bit of a shift away from the offseason bonuses. Under Tannenbaum the Jets were strong believers in workout bonuses to encourage participation as well as other bonuses to avoid holdout possibilities. I think most of these look to be a thing of the past, in particular the workout bonuses. That can be a good thing in that you save more money with late summer releases but it also sometimes means you end up paying a little more for a player in the long run since players are taking on more risks by not having offseason money in their contracts. I also believe the Jets will be pushing more for incentives in contracts which was pretty much a no-no with Tannenbaum.

It does seem as if the team has also put a clamp on organizational leaks, but the Jets were also relatively inactive in the offseason so I think it will be interesting to see how that works out this year when they have money to spend. In the past the Jets had some trouble combating open media negotiations. Most of that came from the Revis representatives but there were other renegotiation attempts that played out somewhat in the press. From what we saw of Idzik’s handling of the Revis trade he is not going to take part in that type of business.

As long as the Jets win that won’t be an issue but I think he is so closed off from the public that it gives him very little margin for error if things go badly. While Tannebaum may not have given a lot in public appearances about who was responsible for what decisions he was out there handling media requests. Idzik is relatively silent and then extremely non-committal when he does talk. In that respect I actually think Rex is a good partner for him since Rex will do as much media as possible and deflect a lot of heat that can come his way. I think if Idzik brings in a new coach with a personality that seems to match his it could be a very difficult transition if the team struggles. I think that would completely bring the team back to the Mangini era of silence.

Our thanks to Jason for his excellent insight on all things Jets salary cap!

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