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Vernon Davis is one of the best tight ends in the league and the Jets are going to have their work cut out for them come Sunday when they face one of the they've seen yet this season, writes Rich Cimini on ESPN NY.

Davis has 13 receptions for 169 yards and four touchdowns, tied for the league lead.

"He's definitely a matchup problem with his size and speed," S Eric Smith said. "With his size, it's hard to put a corner on him. With his speed, it's hard to put a safety on him. He's going to cause a lot of problems you have to be aware of."

LaRon Landry is the perfect candidate to cover Davis. He has the straight-line speed to keep up with him, and he has the tenacity to get physical with him at the line of scrimmage.

The problem that Davis represents is that if the Jets focus too much on him, then they'll Michael Crabtree will be running free outside the numbers.  The Jets might have to play some "pick your poison" Sunday, but if the Jets stay one step ahead of Alex Smith in the Niners in anticipating where the ball is going, then the Jets might have a shot.

Generally teams try and take away tight ends as best they can with their safeties on the back end of a bracket while linebackers handle the front.  The Jets are going to use their base personnel as much as possible but the Jets might throw in some looks with the likes of Josh Bush or even Demario Davis as both were commended in college for their coverage skills on tight ends. 

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