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Yesterday Pete Carroll spoke to the press and was asked about the Seahawks cutting of Braylon Edwards and why Seattle made that move at that point.

Kim Martin writes about it in Newsday today.

Seattle coach Pete Carroll said Wednesday that the Seahawks released the recently signed Jet because they believed Edwards would be sidelined for a while with a hamstring injury.

"We thought he had a three-week injury or so and it was going to be a while before he was back and we weren't sure if he would make it back," Carroll said during a news conference. "So we didn't know."

The Seahawks cut the receiver last week with a waived/injured designation, meaning he didn't pass their exit physical, and then waived him from injured reserve on Monday. The Jets -- the only team to put in a claim for Edwards -- were awarded the 29-year-old wideout the next day.

I'm happy that Braylon is with the Jets again, but Carroll isn't telling the whole tale here.

Since Braylon has been cut, the Seahawks have yet to make a companion move to fill back the roster.  My point is, the Seahawks weren't itching to get someone else on the active roster and needed to move him to do it.  There's a reason that they cut Braylon and while I'm sure the fact that Braylon has been suffering from a hamstring injury has something to do with it.  He's been unproductive, he's been dealing with a minor injury, but there's an unspoken factor at play.

Edwards called the Jets front office idiots and then in a response tweet to a Jets fan, Edwards used a pejorative term for a mentally challenged person.  Pete Carroll isn't going to go out publicly and say that was part of the reason,  as it would create a whole firestorm with which two teams would have to deal.  Carroll has been known as a media-friendly coach and he rarely looks to make statements that turn into controversies, I think that talking about the injury might raise some concerns, but less than if he went into all the details.


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