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Great article from Darryl Slater in the Star-Ledger about how Chris Ivory has excelled more as a runner for the Jets in recent weeks.  In it, running backs coach Anthony Lynn explains an example of how Ivory struggled earlier in the year coming back from his hamstring injuries by sharing Ivory's growth running out of the shotgun.

“You have to be very disciplined to run out of the shotgun,” Lynn said. “Because you have to run that track and (to) that aim point and make that read when you get there – not before you get there.”

Learning to run from the shotgun required trust from Ivory – for the linemen who block in the blind areas of his peripheral vision, and for Lynn, who had never worked in an offense that ran this much out of the shotgun.

“If you had told me that we’d want a Chris Ivory to be in like a spread offense, I would’ve said, ‘Hell no. He’s not that back,’” Lynn said. “It took him a while. He missed a lot of reads early. His tracks and his aim points were off early. But he’s gotten so much better at that. That was a learning curve for me as well (to teach it). I probably slowed him down a little bit.”

Smith's familiarity with the shotgun from his time in West Virginia is something that might predicate why the Jets run out of the shotgun so much this season.  It's good that Ivory has become more familiar with the nuances of running out of that set, regardless of who might be here in 2014 from a coaching standpoint.  If Ivory and Smith are back in main roles next year, this aspect of how they work well together will only be better for the entirety of the season.
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