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Is another defensive lieutenant, Bob Sutton about to leave the Jets this offseason? According to reports this morning that seems to be the story.

The Daily News reported in Friday’s paper that the Chiefs had requested permission to interview Jets’ assistant head coach/linebacker Bob Sutton.

On Friday morning, the News reported on Twitter that Sutton will be headed to Kansas City to be Andy Reid’s new defensive coordinator, according to a source.

Meanwhile, any idea of bringing Norv Turner in seems highly unlikely, as the Browns are now seen as the favorites in the running for Turner's services since hiring "The Chud" last night.

According to CBS Sports, the Browns are

... in good position to land the top offensive coordinator available: Norv Turner.

Turner is close with Chudzinski, who worked on Turner's staff in San Diego. Turner is not interested in all of the drama with the Jets and Cowboys, who are looking for a coordinator. And while the Ravens are also expected to show interest in him, the Browns would be the front-runners, according to sources close to the situation.

Turner was a nice name for the Jets to throw out there to weigh against the (at the time) yet-to-be-fired Tony Sparano, but with him out of the picture the names of competent veteran candidates are going to start drying up quickly.  Mike Mularkey was a new named that surfaced yesterday and the Jets might show interest, but the Jets might have to find a hotshot out of a program with a proven offensive track record at this point.  With the GM search continuing, the Jets will have to be patient in their finding of a new coordinator.

My next thought about waiting was that they waited a bit to find their OC last year as well, but in retrospect that now seemed pretty staged.  Sparano was in the door the day that Schotty was out, kind of weird in retrospect.  That said there will be plenty of competent QB coaches or the like still in the playoffs that the Jets might get a chance to look at soon enough.

While I think Sutton is a very good man, I'm pretty nonplussed by the move.  Sutton was the defensive coordinator under Eric Mangini and was pushed aside for Petine.  Sutton's unit with Mangini wasn't exactly lights out and since then he's coached the linebackers and been the team's assistant head coach most recently since Callahan left.  While the linebacking group is getting older, I haven't seen that much from a coverage and tackling perspective recently that makes me pine for his loss.


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