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Jeané Coakley, SNY Jets Reporter:Ben Obomanu spent the last seven years with the Seattle Seahawks. The wide receiver comes to the New York Jets looking to be a reliable to target and to prove he still belongs. Obomanu joins me today in Coakley’s Corner.

Jeane Coakley: Do you feel you can make a difference on this team?

Ben Obomanu: The term I would use for myself is “value." I consider myself a valuable guy that can do a lot of different things. I can play inside, play outside, do some things on special teams. I have played in a west coast offense going back to my sophomore year in college, so there are a lot of things I feel I can bring to the table. I know a lot of guys in our room haven’t had a lot of game experience. I just want to be able to show my worth to the team and figure out my role where I can fit in.

Coakley: Did you want a fresh start?

Obomanu: It’s something I wanted and something I was looking forward to. When I was in Seattle, you would see other guys go off and do other things with other teams, so you're always wondering what it would be like to play for another team, what it would be like to have a fresh start, so to come out and be in New York is something I kind of looked forward to.

Ten questions to get to know Ben Obomanu...

If you were a super hero who would you be?

Obomanu: Spiderman. I would just like shooting the webs -- I could fly from building to building -- and he has two identities.

Favorite food?

Obomanu: Lasanga.

Favorite movie?

Obomanu: "Coming to America." I have an African last name, so everyone use to ask if I was prince. (laughs)

How often is your last name mispronounced?

Obomanu: I think every year I've played sports, so going back to when I was a little kid, my name was mispronounced. People make it harder than what it is: it is Oh-boo-mon–new.

What's something people don’t know about you?

Obomanu: That I’m actually a pretty funny guy. People who don’t know me think I’m very serious, but I’m pretty hilarious!

If you weren’t playing football you would be...

Obomanu: A corporate Lawyer. I already have my MBA, already have my degree in finance.

Favorite color?

Obomanu: Purple.

A day with the Jets wide receivers would be like….

Obomanu: Braylon Edwards DJing off his iPhone, Stephen Hill cracking jokes and probably Titus Ryan always telling stories. So, you have three people you can count on to always keep it light, no matter what the mood is.

Last book you read?

Obomanu: "Kingdom Man" by Tony Evans

What can Jet fans expect from you?

Obomanu: They can expect a hard working guy, ready to make plays on the field. And a guy who is going to do a lot of good things off the field as well. More importantly, a guy who is going to be consistent, week-in and week-out. No matter what the situation is, you will see consistency with Ben Obomanu.

Jeané is SNY's Jets reporter. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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