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Jeané Coakley, SNY Jets Reporter:

Defensive tackle Damon “Snacks” Harrison has proven he belongs on the roster. He was an undrafted rookie free agent who earned himself playing time at the end of last season and is expected to pick up right where he left off. He also happens to be one of the funniest guys on the team. Let's meet Mr. Harrison:

Jeané Coakley: How’s camp been for you?

Damon Harrison: A little bit better than last year. Getting more reps with the ones and twos. Just the overall experience is helping me.

Coakley: What’s it like working with this defensive line?

Harrison: It’s awesome man, because there are so many great players, and guys that have the potential to be great, I can’t do anything but learn from them.

Coakley: No one expected you to be where you are right now...

Harrison: The biggest thing for me is what Rex [Ryan] and [Defensive Line Coach Karl] Dunbar told me is just about the confidence. Just proving to myself I belong and I can play. I know I can play, I know I belong. That’s my biggest issue.

Coakley: Time for ten random questions...

Where did the nickname “snacks” come from?

Harrison: Coach Dunbar is trying to get me to lose weight by leaving Rice Krispie treats on my desk every meeting. I wouldn’t call it temptation, just reminding me of what I need to do.

Why number 94?

Harrison: [Antonio] Garay came in and wanted 71, so it was a coin flip between 94 or 95.

First car?

Harrison: Chrysler Concord, Gold.

Favorite food?

Harrison: Jambalaya.

Roommate in camp?

Harrison: Quinton Coples... sorry to say. (laughs)

What’s it like living with Quinton?

Harrison: He’s a real funny guy.

You are on a desert Island, what three things are you bringing, not including food or water?

Harrison: Cell phone, computer and TV.

If you weren’t playing football you would be….?

Harrison: In the NBA.

Following up, which NBA player would you be like?

Harrison: Kobe Bryant. I can shoot the basketball.

What’s something people don’t know about you?

Harrison: I was afraid of Chucky. Chucky still shakes my nerves when I see him. October is my least favorite month.

What can fans expect from you?

Harrison: Just giving it my all. I’m not perfect -- and I don’t expect to be perfect -- but every time I’m out there, I will give it my all.

Check out "Snacks" as the Madden Champ.

Jeané is SNY's Jets reporter. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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